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   Cellulite Reduction  . Body Contouring  . Overall Wellness

                               Our Services

  • Cellulite Reduction & Body Contouring Treatments

These treatments are designed to eliminate cellulite, re-shape and re-contour the body, activate the Lymphatic System to help

eliminate toxins, increases production of skin collagen and 

elastin to firm and tone skin, reduce body size and improve skin appearance.                           


  • Detoxification Lymphatic Treatments

The LYMPHATIC treatments will leave you feeling rejuvenated and in better health. The entire  body is worked to relief tension, produce relaxation and most                                                 importantly activate lymphatic drainage to eliminate                                                   toxins and reduce water retention.  The treatment                                                      promotes overall Wellness. 

  • After LipoSuction Treatments

 The treatment will help break up fat cells and minimize scar tissue build-up. It contours the body by smoothing out the bumps.   Our experienced  Endermologie technicians will help customize treatments and track the results.  Doctors highly recommend Endermologie treatments after liposuction because of proven tightening and smoothness of the skin.  

  • Sports Therapy with Endermologie

These treatments are designed to work before your exercise routine to soften tissue for increased flexibility, and after, to eliminate muscular aches and pain, relieve 

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) after sports                                                   performance, for quicker recovery after your 

                                     vigorous excersion

  • Body after Baby Re-shaping Treatments
The treatment is designed to reduce cellulite which appears during pregnancy. Return firmness in the 'stretched' areas, such as stomach and hips.  Reduce Scar Tissue formation after a Ceasarian.  Reduce fat reserves accumulated during pregnancy and Reshape your body back to pre-pregnancy form.

  • Beautiful Bride-to-Be Treatments

These treatments are designed to get you quickly in shape for your "Special Day".  By staying hydrated and activating the fat reserves responsible for weight gain, toxins are eliminated naturally, resulting in inch reduction, cellulite reduction, the firmness and tightening of the waist and arms. Ready for your Special!  The treatment is designed to target those last few pounds impossible to lose to help fit into your beautiful wedding                     dress. Brides are encourage to bring their bridesmaids.   

  • Whole Body Vibration  (WBV) Treatments

The 10 minute sessions are designed to improve circulation, strengthen muscle, Increase Metabolism, and burn fat.